Stephen Farry bio photo.png

Dr Stephen Farry

Former Minister for Employment & Learning, Northern Ireland

Stephen Farry has been a member of the Northern Ireland Assembly since 2007 representing the cross-community, centrist Alliance Party. He is currently Deputy Leader, plus Economy and Brexit Spokesperson for the party. 

Dr Farry served as Minister for Employment and Learning on the Northern Ireland Executive between 2011 and 2016, and had responsibility for Further Education, Higher Education, Apprenticeships, the European Social Fund, the Employment Service and Employment Law. In this role, he developed the further education strategy for Northern Ireland, ‘FE Means Success’, and also put in place new strategies for Apprenticeships, Youth Training and Careers. He has participated on a number of trade missions to the United States to showcase how NI further education colleges can provide training and retraining to address the skill requirements of investing companies.

He has participated in Northern Ireland political negotiations since 1996, including high-level engagement with the UK and Irish Governments, alongside the European Commission and successive United States Administrations. He also holds a PhD in International Relations from the Queen’s University, Belfast and was a Senior Fellow at the United States Institute of Peace, 2005-06.